Everyone who trains with me begins with an initial one-on-one movement assessment. We thoroughly review your injury history, movement quality, performance tests, and training goals.

From there, I build an individualized month-to-month training program specifically for you. I provide all training in a semi-private format, while coaching 2 clients at a time. Each client will be working on their own individualized training program.

Make no mistake here: you’re going to get coached. I’m very hands-on when I coach, and I’m constantly providing feedback when necessary. Additionally, all clients receive access to my private forum for video technique analysis of all lifts and exercises.

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“The methods are simple, the training is effective, and the experience is well worth it.” — Angel Jimenez

“I have been extremely lucky to have Matt writing my programs and helping me crush PRs, while putting orthopedic longevity at a premium.” — Dr. Zak Gabor

“Matt isn’t only a trainer, he’s also a motivator. You can be very confident that Matt will help you accomplish all of your training goals.” — Eric Daddario

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