This means that I will create an all-encompassing training program built from scratch, which is specifically set out for YOU and YOUR individual goals.


This will be through an online platform. But, make no mistake: I’m a very hands-on coach, which means no stone will be left unturned. You have my full commitment and attention.


My deep passion for coaching goes much further than the weight room. My mission is to teach and educate you each step of the way. Consider me your guide. Quite simply, my individualized distance coaching gives you the necessary tools and knowledge to help you reach your goals.


Initially, we’ll set up a Skype consultation to review your training goals, orthopedic injury history, movement limitations, and preferred training schedule. The next step is for me to build an individualized training program based on the information you provided.

You will receive programming on either a daily or monthly basis, depending on your scheduling preferences. Each program includes soft tissue/myofascial release techniques, activation and breathing, dynamic movement prep, specific mobility, corrective exercises, prehab/rehab, speed and agility, plyometrics and power development, strength training and specific lifts, energy systems development, conditioning, and recovery techniques.

The most important pieces are that you’ll have open access to an exercise video library, in addition to a private online forum to share videos. I personally review all of your lifts in the private online forum with constant feedback on any questions you have to ensure proper form and technique.


Start by filling out the contact form HERE, so that we can get the ball rolling by scheduling your initial Skype consultation.

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