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“Matthew Ibrahim is one of the great up-and-coming minds the fitness industry has to offer. His absolute passion and commitment to both strength training and rehabilitation has created an exciting new breed of coaching that truly provides game-changing results for his clients and readers. As a physical therapist and strength coach myself, it’s both refreshing and exciting to see a coach of his caliber having such a huge amount of success. There’s much more to come from this guy!”

Dr. John Rusin, PT, DPT, CSCS, ART, SFMA

Owner — John Rusin Fitness Systems

Sports Performance Physical Therapist — Dr. John Rusin Physical Therapy

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“I’ve known Matthew for less than a year now, and within that timeframe he has created a unique and effective approach to training individuals, one he can call his own. His endless devotion to educating himself on current strength & conditioning and therapeutic techniques, while being able to apply them to any individual he comes in contact with, is something I personally look for in a coach. The methods are simple, the training is effective, and the experience is well worth it.”

Angel Jimenez, CSCS

Owner — Boston Underground Strength Training

ramez antoun

“When it comes to the fitness industry nowadays, it’s pretty common to find professionals that demonstrate high energy and passion. But, as a Physical Therapist referring clients to a trainer after discharging them from rehab; I ask for a lot more out of the trainers I collaborate with. I ask that they also demonstrate knowledge of the principles behind human function and training. My clients need them to be competent in the ways in which they introduce stress to their bodies, so they can continue adapting and become resilient, rather than ending up back in rehab. The trainers I collaborate with tend to understand the power of human connection and everything that entails. Matthew Ibrahim is one of the very few trainers that I have ever met that excels in all 3 categories: knowledge, competence, and human connection. Matt gets my highest recommendation and gets my referrals if my clients or family members ever need a strength coach and trainer.”

Dr. Ramez Antoun, PT, DPT, PNF, FMS, SFMA

President & Founder — Neuropedics Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Consulting

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“I have been fortunate to add Matt to my circle of trusted fitness professionals. I can attest to Matt’s unyielding passion to help people move and feel better. Furthermore, I have the privilege of helping him reach his own fitness goals. I can tell you first hand that he works his butt off to lead from the front. Bottom line, Matt is an honest, genuine, and driven individual who will do whatever it takes to help his clients and friends.”

Greg Robins

Owner — The Strength House

Physical Preparation Coach — Cressey Sports Performance

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“Matthew exhibits strong interpersonal communication skills which allows patients and athletes to feel comfortable when they are in his care. He has also developed into a leader who others look to for advice and guidance. Matthew has expressed his interest and desire to provide health and wellness to the community and would be a great tool to utilize as an educational speaker due to his ability to convey knowledge to others.”

Robert Melino, MSPT, FAAOMPT

Clinical Director — Bay State Physical Therapy

tony gentilore
“It’s rare when you find a coach who’s equally very knowledgeable in their own right, but also has an insatiable desire to learn from others and get better. I’ve had several opportunities to interact with Matthew and get to know him as a coach (and person), and I have to say…it’s refreshing. In an age where people purchase Twitter followers and gain notoriety by flashing half-naked pictures of themselves all over social media, it’s been a pleasure to see Matthew make a name for himself by becoming an excellent coach and teacher. He’s one of the good ones.”

Tony Gentilcore, CSCS

Co-Founder — Cressey Sports Performance

Coach, Writer, Star Wars Aficionado


“Matthew Ibrahim is a bright light in the strength & conditioning and health & fitness communities. His work is genuine, effective, and easily applicable to the individual goals of those that he works with. What he has created with Mobility 101 is something special, and I am excited to see it blossom even more. As the founder of ClinicalAthlete, I am very proud to have Matt as a strong member of our team.”

Dr. Quinn Henoch, PT, DPT

Founder — ClinicalAthlete

Head of Rehabilitation — Juggernaut Training Systems

jon goodman

“For years I’ve tried to figure out what separates somebody who kind of knows something about fitness to somebody who has the stuff to make a big impact. I gave up. Can’t do it. What I do know is Matthew seems to have that special sauce. That je ne sais quoi. That combination of smarts, determination, passion, and integrity. His work is second to none and I can’t wait to see more.”

Jon Goodman, CSCS

CEO & Founder — The Personal Trainer Development Center

CEO & Founder — Viralnomics


Baker Studios

“Matthew Ibrahim possesses tremendous potential in the field of health and fitness. Since joining our team, the clinic and practice have been reshaped and expanded to welcome the expertise Matthew brings to the table. He has proven to be an exceptional addition, demonstrating unmatched ambition to continue learning, and a magnanimous passion to impact the wellness of not only his clients and patients, but the greater population of people in need of knowledge for effective injury-prevention techniques. Mobility 101 has truly grown into a highly reputable educational resource for patients and athletes, which is swiftly progressing into an online community-based platform of its own. There is truly no other individual that comes to mind with a greater level of dedication to the health and fitness industry.”

David J. Koehn, MPT, ATC, Cert. DN, NASM-PES, TPI CGFI-MP3

Owner, President — Boston Physical Therapy & Wellness

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“Matt comes from a unique background that blends both Strength and Conditioning and Physical Therapy / Rehabilitation. He has been involved in a wide spectrum of care having experienced observing how those in pain get treated in the rehabilitation setting, seeing their transition back into sports or functional activities, and also being involved in their performance enhancement as a strength and conditioning coach. His understanding of this progression, along with his trained eye for movement is valuable to those who are looking to preventatively get screened. I would recommend that people take advantage of his knowledge and background to help get screened and assessed, in order to create a proactive gamelan in their training. This will ultimately help in starting an individualized program that can keep them strong, ahead of any movement problems, and also reduce the injury risk.”

Dr. Dave Tilley, PT, DPT, SCS, SFMA

Owner — Shift Movement Science


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“Matthew has shown tremendous initiative and drive by reaching out to other physical therapists and strength and conditioning professionals in an effort to learn and collaborate. He has proven himself as a leader in our community through his writings both on his own fitness site as well as contributions to my own site. Matthew is one of the few strength and conditioning professionals with a strong interest and dedication toward keeping athletes safe and returning them healthy back to their chosen sport.”

Dr. Dan Pope, PT, DPT, CSCS, SFMA

Owner — Fitness Pain Free

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“I’ve been lucky enough to work with Matthew over the last two years and call him a friend for over fifteen years now. He has grown into a unique hybrid strength and rehabilitation coach that the fitness world needs. Matthew is passionate, knowledgeable, and a true professional. He understands the importance of growing a trusting and lasting relationship with clients. He genuinely cares. What amazes me most about Matthew is his willingness to want to help everyone around him without expecting or looking for anything in return. He is a true inspiration.”

Chris Wells, CF-L1, USAW, NASM-CPT

CrossFit Coach — CrossFit Fenway

brandon lavack

“Matthew Ibrahim is the definition of what is right with the fitness industry. He gives out countless amount of great information that is capable of changing lives; that’s powerful beyond words. If that wasn’t enough, I couldn’t ask for a more caring and passionate professional colleague who I am thankful enough to call a dear friend. The most important part is, I’d gladly refer each and every one of my clients to Matt if I was ever to leave the Boston area. That’s how confident I am in his skills. If you’re looking at moving, feeling, and looking better, go no further than Matthew Ibrahim.”

Brandon LaVack, CPT, LMT, NKT, USAW, FMS

Owner — LaVack Fitness

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“Matt is one of the hardest working up-and-coming professionals in our industry. He possesses a very high training IQ, but what impresses me the most is his passion to get better, and then, his enthusiasm to pass that knowledge onto others. Whether you’re looking to feel and move better or looking to become a better overall strength coach, Matt is an open book definitely worth exploring.”

Brendon Rearick, NSCA-CPT, LMT, SFMA

Co-Owner — Movement As Medicine

Educator — Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning

pablo orozco, dc, sfma, usaw

“Matthew has taken the knowledge he has learned from his rehabilitation background and successfully blended it with the sciences of athletic development. His unique approach to injury prevention, movement practices, and strength & conditioning quickly put him on my list of trusted healthcare and fitness professionals. While most are only interested in pushing their product or brand, Matthew strives to educate and empower people to take care of themselves. His passion for this field is second to none, and I am honored to call Matthew a friend and colleague. I am excited to view his growth and accomplishments as I definitely see him becoming a trusted source for many people in this industry.”

Pablo Orozco, DCs, USAW-L1, CF-L1, ART, SFMA

Owner — Supple Performance Therapy


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“As a strength coach, having an injured client can be tricky. You don’t want to overstep the limits of your practice, but you still want to help the client. We faced such a situation when we had a client with a knee injury that had lasted nearly 6 months. She loved to train, and hadn’t been able to do so in the last 6 months due a knee injury that didn’t allow her to bend her knee without pain. She had been to numerous physiotherapists, to no avail, and came to us for help. We promised we would help her, and looked for someone that we could reach out to for help.

Coach Matthew had been making waves on the online fitness community for his amazing work and the quality information that he was putting out there. He seemed to be someone who realized that there was a gap between where a physiotherapist could leave you, and where a strength coach could pick up, and was working very hard to bridge that gap. He seemed to be the perfect choice, so we decided to get in touch with him.

Our experience with coach Matthew was awesome. Through several email exchanges and a Skype consultation, he explained to us what the issue was, and how to go about fixing it within the realm of our capabilities. Our client has now fully recovered and is able to run and squat with no pain!

I would highly recommend coach Matthew to anyone who is looking for a professional and highly knowledgeable person to help a client go from injured to badass in record-breaking time.”

Sandeep Achanta, CSCS

Co-Founder & Head Strength Coach — Strength System (Chennai, India)

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“As a Physical Therapist, I envision a world where rehabilitation and strength and conditioning marry. There really is so much to be learned from each other, and when combined, can make a potent recipe for not only prevention, but also for bulletproof strengthening programs. Matt’s “hybrid” perspective is exactly this. I have been extremely lucky to have Matt writing my programs and helping me crush PRs, while putting orthopedic longevity at a premium.”

Dr. Zak Gabor, PT, DPT, CSCS

Physical Therapist and Strength & Conditioning Coach

alec matys

“Being a college athlete, I have had many football coaches and even more strength coaches over the years, so I know which qualities to look for. Matt brings constant enthusiasm to the table, and consistently brings out the best in me each training session. He really knows what he is doing. Overall, my strength and mobility have increased significantly, and I see consistent progress from session to session. I really trust Matt’s training methods and systems, and couldn’t ask for a better all-around trainer and friend. If you want a strength coach who knows how to bring the best out of you and is always there to encourage you, Matt Ibrahim is the man for the job.”

Alec Matys

College Football Player — Endicott College


“The thing that really drew me to Matt as a strength coach was his passion for not only wanting to better himself in his field, but his passion for wanting to help his clients reach their highest potential as well. He is always energetic and enthusiastic during every training session, which really helps to keep me motivated. He genuinely believes in you, even when you doubt your own abilities. I have always been an athletic person, but Matt has corrected my mobility and positioning through a variety of exercises and stretches, which has made a big difference in my training. Matt has helped me become much stronger and more driven towards my fitness goals in my time training with him. Whenever I get excited about what I did during a training session through a new lift or even when I break one of my PRs, somehow Matt gets even more excited for me. He truly is a very special person, and I’m lucky to have him as a trainer and as a friend.”

Megan Richard, M.Ed.

Physical Education Teacher

eric daddario

“I have been training with Matt since my freshman year of college. I immediately noticed a difference in my speed, acceleration, agility, strength, power, and athleticism on the ice. I went into college hockey in the best shape of my life, both physically and mentally. Matt isn’t only a trainer, he’s also a motivator. You can be very confident that Matt will help you accomplish all of your training goals.”

Eric Daddario

Former College Hockey Player — Clarkson University

sofie morris

“Matt is very different compared to the other Strength & Conditioning Coaches that I’ve been to. What I like most about him is how he treats every single one of his clients uniquely. Matt has created for me a very personalized training program that has helped me prevent injuries and excel on the soccer field. He makes weekly training and recovery modifications based on the total volume of soccer practices and games I have each week. I immediately noticed a difference in my play from before I began training with Matt up until now. I am so lucky to be able to train with Matt, and I know that he will play a huge part of my success going forward. Matt is very dedicated and wise, and I would recommend him to anyone.”

Sofie Morris

U14 Soccer Player

jon jon pires

“Matt has always been a close friend to me and mentor, because he was highly involved in the off-season strength and conditioning program for Medford High School soccer. In addition to him having also played and captained the soccer team there as well, his high-energy and passionate attitude toward performance and movement made it a clear-cut decision to have him train me. I have kept him as my trainer still to this day as I continue my college soccer career. Matt is a hard-working and very dedicated professional where his job is to not only train you; he makes it his priority to get to know his clients and athletes in order to keep them motivated and on track. I can truly say that Matt is one of the primary reasons behind my level of physical fitness and soccer achievements.”

Jonathan Pires

College Soccer Player — Bridgewater State University

nicole wright

“I came to see Matt for a movement assessment consultation right before a Powerlifting meet. He walked me through some great breathing drills and mobility exercises that I now use regularly in training. He is an excellent communicator and went to great lengths to ensure that I not only understood what he was explaining, but that I would be able to take the information back and put it into practice. I had a blast working with Matt. He is both passionate and knowledgeable, and I would recommend him to anyone!”

Nicole Wright


image (25)

“When I met Matt last summer I knew instantly that there was something special about him. His enthusiastic attitude and positive energy showed me right from the beginning that he truly cared about the success of his clients. Instead of feeling like just another number being pushed through a sports performance training program, Matt displayed his dedication to me as an athlete during and after our training sessions. Matt compliments his positivity and dedication with the impressive amount of knowledge he distributes to not only his clients, but to those who are looking to improve or maintain their physical health. I can truly say because of Matt I have significantly improved my athletic ability, my overall physical health, and have also gained a great friend.”

Matt Mangano

College Football Player — Framingham State University

james darley

“As a fellow Strength & Conditioning Coach, I tend to be very picky when choosing to use the services of another coach. After talking with Matthew Ibrahim about my chronic right shoulder discomfort, I knew he was the right man for the job. During the online movement assessment consultation, which took place via Skype, Matt thoroughly discussed my complex issue and provided me with a virtual movement screen to figure out the root of the problem. After the Skype session, he sent a comprehensive game plan with exercises and videos that he wanted me to do on a daily basis. Since following Matt’s prehab and mobility drills, I am happy to say that my shoulder is feeling great! He has been communicating with me throughout the process, and it is evident that he cares about his clients. I would highly recommend his services!”

James Darley

Owner — Historic Performance

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 7.42.12 AM

“I have known Matt for several years now, and from the moment I met him I knew that he had a passion for what he does. He has been my Strength and Conditioning Coach for over 2 years now, and I can honestly say that since I began working with him my overall strength and mobility has drastically improved. He is constantly trying to help me sharpen my skills. Matt truly loves what he does; his people skills and urge to help others makes him a great coach. He is much more then just a coach though; I consider him a good friend. If you are looking to become a better you, crush PRs, and achieve your goals, there is no one better to help you than Matt!”

Guilherme Guerra

College Football Player — Bridgewater State University

travis libman

“Matthew Ibrahim is a unique individual in the strength and conditioning realm. He is an educator. His approach is different than any other trainer, as he focuses on the client’s goals, and then adapts ways that he has learned to help each client succeed. His affable nature often hides his serious commitment to push his clients to achieve their personal goals. Matthew Ibrahim is what every trainer and coach should strive to become.”

Travis Libman, Emergency RN, BSN

Emergency Room Nurse

luke johnson pull 225

“After undergoing multiple knee injuries during my years of playing rugby, my activity levels had taken a big hit. Effectively, no patella cartilage in either of my knees had made it difficult to exercise. Since hiring Matt as my personal strength coach, my day-to-day knee pain has essentially been relieved through his training approach and methods. Matt understands the rehabilitative side to training due to his physical therapy background, while also incorporating stepwise strength and conditioning exercises to help me build strength again. Suffice to say, my lower body strength and confidence in my knees have dramatically increased, most notably in my deadlift where I most recently pulled 225 pounds! Whether you’re currently injured or returning from injury, I am very confident that Matt is the strength and conditioning coach you need to see.”

Luke Johnson, CFO

Chief Financial Officer